Simple Adsense Hack for a higher CTR

geass1_02.jpgI don’t remember where I first came across this tip but I do remember reading that it’ll helped some people get a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) for the ads on their website. I’m not too sure if it actually works for everyone but I do think that it’ll definitely make your ads blend in better with text and media. This Adsense hack works by removing the ‘Advertise on this site‘ text that shows up with every Adsense unit on your website.
Here’s a screen shot of what I am referring to:
Removing the ‘Advertise on the Site’ Link
Log in to your Google Adsense account and click on the ‘My Account‘ tab.
After which, scroll down the page until you reach the ‘Onsite Advertiser Siteup‘ section. Click on the edit link.
Now, just untick the box which includes your website in the Onsite Advertiser signup program. (More info on the On-site advertiser signup program here.)
Viola! And you’re done. Now the ‘Advertise on this site‘ link is removed from all the ads served to your websites. The only downside for this tweak is that it won’t be so easy for Advertisers to target ads specifically for your site. However I think the benefits of removing this link outweighs the cost for most bloggers. Here are some reasons why:
  • A larger percentage of visitors to your website are end-users and not advertisers.
  • Most advertisers will not want to put up specific ads on relatively new/obscure blogs or blogs with low traffic
  • Removing the link makes it far easier to blend ads with text – which ensures higher CTR
I think that leaving the On-site advertising link up will be beneficial for websites that are very popular, because advertisers often want their ads to go out to as many relevant eyeballs as possible. But if your website doesn’t fall into that category, why not try this tip to see if it actually improves your blog’s Adsense click through rate? My suggestion would be to set it up for two weeks in order to observe the number of clicks you receive on each ad channel.
After monitoring the results, you can decide if you want to keep the change or revert back to the default ad setup. Alternatively, if there is no significant improvement you could try rearranging your ad placement to see if it’ll bring better results.
What do you think of this simple Adsense tweak? Do you think it’ll actually improve your Adsense CTR?


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