Affiliate Marketing Tip: Use Unique Brand Names to Increase Conversion Rates.

nagato.jpgI was checking my Gmail account when I noticed an interesting ad near the top of the screen. It was from a recruitment team that was seeking to hire professionals with an interest in marketing guru, Seth Godin’s work.
The copy for the ad read:

If you Read Seth I Want U: If you are reading Seth Godin’s blog I want to hire you!
The main reason why I clicked on the ad was because I am a regular reader of Seth Godin’s blog. After clicking on the ad, I was taken to a webpage which immediately requested for my resume and credentials. Talk about super targeted Adwords traffic!
Here’s a screen shot of the Seth Godin Ad. Click for a better view:
The advertiser got exactly what he wanted:
  • A perfect candidate that is interested in Seth Godin’s work.
  • A visitor that is looking for information related to Seth Godin.
  • A visitor that is ready to consume any product or sales pitch concerning Seth Godin.
The advertiser could be trying to sell me Seth Godin T-shirts and I might even buy some if there was a convincing sales copy and offer price.
Why? Because the advertiser is appealing to me through a subject (Seth Godin) that I’m already familiar with and is of interest to me.
This proves what most expert affiliate marketers already know: that unique brand names or phrases are effective ways to presell a product or service through Pay Per Click Campaigns.
If you’re an affiliate marketer running a PPC program, you want value-for-money clicks that lead to conversions and not poorly targeted traffic that disappear when they find that your product or website is different from what they expected.

How Unique Brand Names Can Be Used in PPC Campaigns: An Example

Here’s an example. Let’s assume that I want to promote subscriptions to a popular independent rock music magazine.
Instead of using generic promotional terms like “Coolest Indie Rock Magazine Ever” I could try using unique related brand names or phrases to get targeted traffic.
For instance, I might use the phrase “Sonic Youth loves our indie rock mag“.
By doing this, I’m preselling the subscription through a unique brand name (the band, Sonic Youth), one that not only appeals to indie rock fans but will only be appreciated or understood by indie rock fans.
This ensures a very high conversion rate and allows you to get the best results from your Pay Per Click campaigns.
Another benefit of using unique names is that they tend to attract curiosity clicks. For example, If I didn’t know who Seth Godin or Sonic Youth was, I might still click on the ad just to find out more about the person behind the brand name.
This can be useful when you are primarily using Pay Per Click campaigns to generate awareness for your product, service or website.
Learning how to use unique brand names is a beginner’s trick that has helped me consistently in all of my affiliate campaigns.
Researching on relevant brand names can help you to maximize your Pay Per Click campaign potential while ensuring that you’ll only attract the most targeted and willing consumers.
Seeing the Seth Godin Ad just reminded me of this affiliate marketing tip and I thought I should share it with you all out there.
Have fun optimizing your PPC campaigns!


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